Many folks support or have brought favorable attention my campaign. Here are samples of their kind comments:

Lucas Garrett: At a time when the political climate seems to be ramping up in our nation, whether it is at the local or federal level, we need new ideas. We need politicians that are not only willing to work for everyone they represent, but are also willing to listen. I’ve personally sat down with Rich and discussed at length his plans for this great area, and was impressed to say the least. We need a person who is willing to work across the aisle with all party lines. We need someone that will work tirelessly to get the job done. I believe that person to be Rich Cirino, which is why I’m putting my full support behind him as the mayoral candidate for the City of Glens Falls.


Michael Sillero: Rich – I have to admit it. You are earning my vote. I was impressed when you showed up at my front door with Robin Barkenhagen … but these informative “takes” you have been posting on Facebook for noteworthy issues in the city are impressing me. I get the feeling you actually care about the people in this city. Keep it up!

George Miller: Rich, by going door to door, you are able to understand what is really happening in the city. This is why I’m calling you ,of the people, for the people….keep up the good work…

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